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Step 3:  Watch the videos
​On your selected platform, start with the introduction video and work your way through all the applicable program videos.
Just be open and listen with curious intent.

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Step 4:  Download the resource
On every platform, view the programme profile and download the FREE resource.  This will give you a unique access code to our Supreme Mindfulness application to help set, manage and track your progress.​

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Step 5:  Log in to our Application
​Use your the unique code and access the Supreme Mindfulness Application.  A quick and simple registration will allow you to track your personal progress.

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Step by Step Building Resilience
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Step 6:  Get your booklet
I have created a FREE self work booklet to help you explore and understand your unique challenges.  Best used after watching each Foundational Elements' video.

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Step 7:  Set your Goals
Set your own personal goals for each Foundational Element on our Supreme Mindfulness application.  This will help you stay on track with your own progress to achieving your goals.

Step 8:  Monitor your progress
Actively monitor your goals on a regular basis.  Goals are flexible and can be adjusted as you make progress.  

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Step 9:  Certificate of Completion
Receive your Certificate of Completion for your commitment to yourself and to building your personal resilience.  You will receive your Certificate once you have watched all videos and completed your goals on the Supreme Mindfulness Application.

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Step 2:  Select your platform
For your convenience you can access it on any of these platforms based on your personal preference

Some platforms offer course by course rates and some lifetime access and some offer both.  The choice is completely yours!

About the Building Resilience Program
Life is an imperfect journey and often throw us various challenging curve-balls along the way. This impacts on our ability to see clearly and often affects our stress response, anxiety and overall well-being. A good example of this is pretty much what we all had to endure the last while, with extreme levels of anxiety, uncertainty and unhappiness. We don’t know what tomorrow might bring, but we can build ourselves and become more ‘Resilient’ to these challenging curve balls. This is the purpose of the Building Resilience program.

The Building Resilience program is focused on Self Care practices, designed to help you build personal resilience and sustain strong foundations necessary to deal with stress and anxiety, and help overcome challenges you may face.

The program covers Twelve(12) Foundational Elements, which discusses and encompasses various aspects of our lives. It provides simple and easy to use tools and methods, to improve overall well-being. The program is offered modularly, in order for you to craft your own unique pathway of self-discovery, in order to become the best version of yourself.

I urge you to make a choice and invest in your future self, to reach new levels of well-being. It’s a decision that will change your life.

I’m looking forward in you joining me, to rediscover yourself again and adopting lasting behavioural change.

Step 1:  Subscribe
You will receive a unique activation code to help monitor and track your progress on The Supreme Mindfulness application.  ​
You will also receive useful information to help on your journey AND skip the waiting list for any new programmes on the way.

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