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"When things change inside you, things change around you"


About Supreme Mindfulness

Mindfulness have so many layers and should not only be seen as the meditative practice, but actually the entire journey of becoming more mindful in all areas of your life.


The purpose of ‘The Pursuit of Supreme Mindfulness’ is right there in the words.

It is to assist and inspire people, by creating an individual pathway, that will help each person cultivate more awareness and in turn create significant behavioural change in their lives.


Thus, continuously growing their own level of mindfulness on a sound foundation and develop their own best version of themselves.


Join us in crafting your own path and enhance your quality of life. 

About Supeme Mindfulness

About me

Shaun Fourie - Behavioural Strategist

I am honoured to share my personal behaviour strategies with those who have the need to make lasting lifestyle changes now that their future person will thank them for.  

I have personally struggled with self-doubt, building anxiety and faced many personal obstacles. 


Instead of allowing it to further impact on my daily life, I have used this as inspiration to step-change my own behaviour and in doing so I crafted a program that I know will bring others value in their own personal lives.  

My signature program, Building Resilience, has received numerous positive reviews.  This has motivated me to craft further programs.  Feel free to sign up as a member to gain the best benefits.  

About Shaun

How I have helped others


The Supreme Mindfulness program is absolutely amazing! It’s covers a wide range of topics and ideas and Shaun gives a lot of great practical exercises and tips to help improve your quality of life and mental state.


- Ruan

Available Programs

My signature program designed to help you build the strong foundations necessary to deal with stress and anxiety and help overcome challenges you may face.

We are busy developing more programs based on your feedback.  I highly recommend you become a subscriber to make the most of the benefits of members, including automatic entry to the waiting list.


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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new"

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